Timecube "Truth" IS HOAX!!!!

Logic proves that spread of "Timecube so-called TRUTH" is confusion spread to obscure the true Natuer of the 3-Dimensional Universe of Reality.

Why a CUBE? A cube is expression the three dimension of reality -- but imperfectly!! WHY? Because we are seeing it from WITHIN those three dimensions, thus a distorted portrayal. (How would a TWO-dimensional being see a flat plan (two dimension)? It can't because he can't see AROUND it -- all models like a plane must be seen from an ADDITIONAL dimension! Thus, we can see a plane (two-dimension) from our 3-dimension Reality-- but to see a three-dimension expression, we would need FOUR dimensions!

To call a cube a "reality" is to think ONE DIMENSION DOWN!



The cube as we see it from three dimensions is dominated by FOURS -- because we insist on seeing its TWO dimensional reality! Thus, a cube is a square (four sides), and rotates its FOUR corners, but that ignores the axis corners! To see the square ignores the rest of the cube! And the cube is an imperfect 3-dimensional copy of the expression of three dimensions -- so to see a square, and to fixate on the FOURS of the cube, is to be TWO STEPS REMOVED FROM THE TRUTH!!

If there are three dimensions to our reality, then the figure used to show it should express those THREE dimensions without any other measurements! But a CUBE shows each dimension TWICE -- a redundancy caused by the imperfection of seeing an expression of 3 dimensions from WITHIN the 3-dimension Reality! This is an imperfection of perception, NOT the reality! Thus using the"TimeCube Truth" clouds the mind to seeing the TRUE expression!

What is the TRUE figure of three dimensions? A THREE-EDGED, 3-ANGLED figure, which looks (ot our 3-dimension eyes) like a pyramid (but it CANNOT have a bottom because that implies ANOTHER dimension, which cannot be in our 3-Dimension Reality!) The bottom is an imperfection caused by seeing the true "Time Pyramid" from WITHIN the three dimensions!

So why does the TRUE Time Pyramid (seeing our 3 dimensions from one Dimension up) get expressed as a CUBE when reduced to three Dimensions? Because of the redundancy! Look here:

By not SEEING the true pyramid and instead using the "TimeCube" to describe True reality, the teachers of TimeCube "TRUTH" are actually spreading FALSEHOOD! They are DELETING one Dimension necessary to see the True 3-d Reality! THIS MUST STOP!

If the Creators of the "TimeCube" FALSEHOOD can defend their error against the Higher-dimension TRUTH of the Pyramid of 3 dimensions, I will take this Website down!! Let the real Truth be revealed! Error will not stand for examination! It will crumble, and so will the "TimeCube" HOAX!!!

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Last updated August 31, 2001.